Victoria Crampton

Chief Executive

Victoria founded CreateUsOnline in 2013 with a clear vision to revolutionise the way brands operate across digital platforms. With an impressive Portfolio covering an extensive list of global accounts, CUO continues to develop and assist brands within the digital universe.

Charlie Hawkins

Digital Account Manager

Following Charlie’s successful period studying Marketing & Spanish at Sheffield Business School, he now specialises in digital marketing and social media analysis, handling all digital accounts across the social channels. His focus is to plan, develop and execute social media management strategies for our clients through content creation, paid ad development and consistent community management. Charlie’s expertise within the field of digital marketing and content creation is reflected by the recent success of our client’s social platforms. He strives to works closely with all our clients to understand how each brand operates and what message they aim to deliver to the consumer. His ever-growing passion for social media and digital marketing is what allows him to be so successful within his role, he aims to continue to assist new brands achieve a voice within the digital world whilst also working closely with our current clients to ensure a sustainable digital future.