Is it the end of the road for Snapchat?

For those of us that were already becoming bored and frustrated with Snapchat towards the end of last year, the nail in the coffin arrived when Instagram decided to copy Snapchat’s story feature. Initially it took some time to get used to. However, as soon as we got to grips with it, we soon realised Instagram’s copycat Stories feature was just as good—if not better than Snapchat’s.

Back when Instagram first stole Snapchat’s story idea, it didn’t stand out us. Facebook has a long history of copying and purchasing its competitors and rivals within the market and the end product turns out to be lukewarm. However, this time we were completely wrong. Instagram beats snapchat for a number of reasons. Aside from the obvious reason that Instagram has more users, the story function also operates much more smoothly. The ease of posting is a huge plus point but the app’s story tool also continues to re-invent itself to stay ahead. The most notable update is the ability to share other people’s stories with your own twist (Createusonline are predicting this idea to prove extremely popular with users) It seems Instagram is focused on keeping Snapchat in their rear-view mirror.

In addition to the battle with Instagram, Behind-the-scenes of Snapchat doesn’t paint a pretty picture either. Snapchat’s corporate culture seems pretty poor. It’s common knowledge that former employees compared the company to the sinking of the Titanic and said they’re often caught off guard by new announcements and features. Even worse, Snapchat’s HR chief Jason Halbert continued to be in power despite allegations of inappropriate behaviour within the workplace.

It seems pretty clear that everything is crumbling beneath Snapchat’s feet and with recent updates to the app proving unpopular, a re-development and re-structure may be needed to guarantee its sustainability in the future.

What do you think of Snapchat?