Understanding the Instagram algorithm and unlocking it’s true potential


Despite what most people say, the Instagram algorithm isn’t out to ruin your engagement. It may work in mysterious and unknown ways but beneath it all, it’s ingenious and intricate operations are brilliant in showing the best content to the most people.
Put simply, if you are creating great content, more followers (and non-followers) are going to see it. If you aren’t seeing the growth you desire, you should place the blame anywhere but Instagram’s algorithm.


From what we can gather, Instagram’s algorithm is based on 7 key concepts:


Engagement: How popular the post is
Relevancy: The genres of content you are interested in and have interacted with
Relationships: The accounts you regularly interact with
Timeliness: How recent the posts are
Profile Searches: The accounts you check out often
Direct Shares: Whose posts you are sharing
Time Spent: The duration spent viewing a post


As the number of users on Instagram increases, the number of posts will likely increase, too. This means that when users follow more people, the number of posts in their feed will increase. The natural result of this is that the organic reach of each post will fall unless every user spends more time on Instagram looking at all the additional posts. (Which isn’t going to happen as we already spend hours on the platform each day)

This means the Instagram algorithm is actually a huge advantage to you. As long as you are creating engaging, relevant, and timely content, the algorithm will work in your favour to expose your content to as many people as possible. It will help to surface your great content to more of your followers than the Instagram of old where posts were arranged reverse-chronologically and people missed 70% of the content that was posted each day (According to a study conducted by Instagram themselves)

The success of your channel is down to hard work and great content, get creative!