Is Twitter worth it?


For the businesses and brands that spend endless hours tweeting, retweeting, responding to tweets and figuring out whom to follow, is the effort worth it?

Above the surface, the time and effort we’re spending cultivating our Twitter followings is flat-out ridiculous for the amount of people that actually connect with brands on the platform. However, once you dig a little deeper into the behaviour of the people using Twitter, the audience and the perspective changes.

The reach of Twitter is almost double the user base. Once you take into account tweets that are picked up by search engines and the people who see tweets without owning an account personally, 23% of consumers read tweets at least monthly, with many seeing the digital space as a way in which to discuss personal and customer service issues with firms.

Twitter acts as a deeper and more personal communication channel in which brands can learn and interact with the customer. Despite the fact that the consumer sees Twitter as a method to get up close and personal with brands, they still continue to use the platform inappropriately and ineffectively. Brands must learn that certain platforms are better suited for differing purposes.

In terms of how consumers see brands on different channels, Facebook is preferred for information about the brand’s activities, and email is preferred for product updates. So when answering the question ‘Is Twitter worth it?’ I would have to say yes, as long as you use it appropriately. Save the discount codes and 2 for 1 offers for your latest e-mail promotions and really start to chat and have fun with your customers.