Timing is so important when it comes to social media marketing success.

Social Media Marketing has grown at a rapid and unprecedented rate over the past 10 years, and it does remain a very effective method of spreading the message of your brand and engaging your consumers. However, your strategy must be tailored to the audience you are attempting to reach.

The timings of your posts can have a huge effect on the levels of engagement with them. For example, just because you think most of your users will be more active in the evening, you should not assume this. It is important to experiment with the timings of your posts and analyse the engagement data to assess when the best time to post on each of your accounts are.

Timing can have a different effect on different days of the week. Most people would assume that social media feeds are being refreshed by users most frequently on weekends. However, it can be the case in some industries that weekdays are more effective. Therefore, if you are working with finite budget and resources, it may be beneficial to research the best day for putting content out there. This strategy is likely to be particularly useful for smaller businesses who do not outsource their digital presence to agencies.

Why does all this matter? Getting timing right matters because if you are able to post content at the time at which you can gain the optimum engagement level, this increases the reach of your posts through likes, comments and shares. Engagement creates momentum for your brand amongst your audience, and in turn, can create a wider buzz around it.

Timing is everything, engagement is king.