When it comes to social media, having a profile that you don’t use is no longer enough in this world. You need to know how to be effective with it and how utilise all the tools that social media provides you with. If you’re not using social media to build your brand, you are missing out. Globally, a third of all digital consumers follow brands on social media, according to a 2016 report from Global Web Index. Assuming you don’t want to ignore a market of that size, you should be asking yourself: How do I build my brand on social media?


Here are a handful of tips we’ve found to be effective…


  1. Pick the right social media platform – If you are operating on the wrong platform for your particular business then all your efforts may be wasted. Search your particular niche online and what platform can offer you the most benefits, both in terms of the tools it offers and the audience that populates it.
  2. Be active – One of the most well-established rules of social branding is that you must be consistently active if you are to effectively build your brand. We recommend focusing on two or three carefully chosen social networks and try to be active on them, rather than posting sporadically to a half-dozen. Daily posts are the best route to take but make sure you maintain quality. If your posts aren’t engaging to the audience you are trying to appeal to then don’t post. Quality over quantity.
  3. Collaborate with social influencers – Starting a social media brand from scratch can be labour-intensive and take a long time, that’s not to say it isn’t possible. However, if you can collaborate with popular influencers within your particular niche, it can greatly shorten the time, energy and other resources that the task of growing your social brand will consume. Approach influencers regularly and work together when possible. You can often exchange your goods in return for posts that expose your brand to their huge followings. This is an invaluable and extremely popular method to grow the social media exposure of brands.


We’ve given you our three important pieces of advice to succeed on social media, now put them in practice. Start now.